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Class Descriptions:

BALLET (Cecchetti Syllabus)
Creative Movement, Pre-Primary, Primary: Introduction to ballet technique and movement vocabulary. Developing musicality and exploring body and spacial awareness. Stimulating mental and physical creativity through dance. The focus is enjoyment of dance.

Grade 1-6. Continuation of primary level with introduction to barre work, more emphasis on posture, technique, flexibility, coordination, balance and strength. Students may take pointe classes and prepare for Ballet exams.

All Jazz students are strongly advised to take a ballet class as it is the foundation for this discipline. Energetic and fun

Fast moving, high energy, music video style dance.

Relies strongly on rhythm and foot work.

Introduction to Graham and Limon styles. It is danced bare feet.

A combination of music, singing, dance and dialogue.

Combination of Yoga and Pilates. Focus is on flexibility and core strengthening. A great way to stay in shape for all ages.

 ADULT YOGA                                                                                                                   This class is a mixed level class appropriate for both beginners and intermediate practitioners. The class incorporates pranayama (breathing techniques), asanas (yoga poses), and heat building flows aimed at calming the mind as well as soothing and strengthening the body. Asanas are presented with both beginner and more advanced variations. Students are encouraged to practice at the level appropriate for the experience and comfort so that everyone may benefit from the poses in a supportive, safe, and enjoyable environment.